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Avatar photoBrendan

This is an improvement?

I’m sure there’s a reason, but whatever that reason is, it’s making the forum the slowest website in China.

Layout changes always seem off initially when you’re used to a format, but this one doesn’t feel as user friendly as before.  Losing the HTML buttons for example.

One of the strengths of the forum was knowing who’d posted to a thread last, I personally think that’s helped boost postings by engaging more people.  Without this I expect threads will either thin out, or lose their sense of humour, which again has been another strength when we’ve poked fun at each other.  Many users new and old have commented on the ‘community’ on CL forum.  It’d be a shame to lose that.

To quote the cat otherwise (formerly) known as Tigerkuma, the front page is looking and feeling a bit Windows 95 right now.  No Bill Gates, no!!