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Avatar photoBrendan

I have a couple of observations on the maintenance, since I’m still having some issues.

– HTML seems to not be working.  I’ve referenced wordpress forums on format, and when I follow for example the <img src direction, it still ends up as scribble on the post.  Can we simplify all the HTML where it’s become convoluted?

– PM’s are funky, and it can take up to 3 clicks to get to the inbox.  It feels like the forum site is operating inside another frame, and the two aren’t quite gelling yet.  I sometimes see a wordpress message bar at the top of the page, and other times it’s not there.  I’ve had to resend messages also, which for some reason did not send first time around.

– We still don’t have the last poster visible on the front page, and I can see that’s caused a drop in traffic, along with the other glitches.  It’s still running very slow I notice too.  Even Jerry S has left the building!!  What’s the world coming to when Jerry S isn’t amusing us with his irreverent, ill thought out faux chauvinistic ramblings in the forum.