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Avatar photoBrendan

Damn, that place came together fast!

Everyone involved in this district is highly motivated, particularly since the go-ahead has now been given for (huge) expansion within the next two years.

What’s going on inside the gallery? Does it have a name or a website, any info? This new area sounds interesting.

We’re having a (very) soft opening of the space, aptly named DIVISION. Any of you stopping by will know why when you see the layout. We will be screen printing limited run posters during the event, with some customisation available to anyone buying a print. You’ll be able to see the prints being made for you, and if that doesn’t float your boat you can chill to some old school art flicks like ‘Wild Style’, & ‘Downtown 81’. Please feel free to come and throw ideas at us during the two days for anything you’d like to see. Our hope is for the space to allow us to experiment with a wide range of creative media, bringing together art, design, film, music, and any number of interesting artistic mediums. Additionally if you have any work you think we might want to show, come show us what you got!