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Avatar photoRick in China


Criminal records check in China doesn’t equal Criminal Records Check in any other place on this fucking planet.

What I mean by that is this:

Criminal record, in general, means a court convicted you of some crime that is a felony charge by a person or crown(or federal) body. It means you did something and got arrested based on doing something that normal people shouldn’t have done, and were found guilty.

China, does discriminate the difference between criminal, court, and arrest records. The difference in most of the processing bodies? None. If you have a court record, regardless of guilt or result, means “fuck that shit”.. if you were arrested? “fuck that shit.” .. guilty, innocent? FUCK THAT SHIT. You have a .. what we call in China, “black mark”.

If you’ve a black mark in China, it’s there. Whatever you want to do, it’s there. Every time I go to apply for a fucking visa, or change, or update, or whatever, it’s there. Most of the time it’s nothing, sometimes, whatever, it’s fucking there, and the law just if you have some sort of state that causes issues with some potentially visible status that says ‘yeah I lied on what I put on my application for another country’ and you get fucking raped in the ass as a result of what you said because it wasn’t FULLY truthful, you’ve nobody to blame but yourself. Welcome to 1984. 😀