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Hell yea. I like chips. That thing will just totally suck my soul in!! But, hahah, I not not that familiar with it now.

Here’s some of the stuff we’re working on:

  • Retro console emulator using RetroPie. I set this up a few weeks ago and it works great, with two SNES controllers. Plays Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and MAME arcade games.
  • Torrent & file server. In progress, but pretty easy to setup using Deluge.
  • iTunes server. Now that we’re all moving to SSD-based storage, having a 300gb iTunes library on a laptop isn’t very practical anymore. I use Spotify but still want to maintain my personal music collection, so I’m going to put it on an external HDD connected to the Pi which is always online and streams music
  • VPN server and Wi-fi access point. I already have all the pieces to put this together and hopefully it’ll be working within a week. This way my house will have to Wi-fi access points, one of which is automatically filtered through VPN.

The last thing I want to build, which will be a lot more difficult than the ones above, is a RPi connected to an Arduino that operates a small motor which opens and closes the blinds in my bedroom. I want the blinds to open automatically and let sunlight in the room at a time that I specify, so that I can stop being woken up by an alarm clock.

Oh, and there’s one more. The Natooke Bicycle Shop is building a stationary bicycle game called Gold Sprints. Two people cycle on stationary bicycles and race, with a monitor to display their progress along a virtual track. They have it running on Mac but want to port it to RPi so they can have a single device to operate sensors and output display.

Plenty of RPi projects to go around!