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Avatar photoRick in China

@Collin “Beijing aqi is 100 Chengdu is 346”

Dude..Beijing is routinely like, the worst in the WORLD. I think it breached 1000 more than once this year. Just because it’s clean today and Chengdu is extra bad, doesn’t mean that Beijing has better air.

I suggest you click the “trend” button in your app. Today for example, you’re lookin at these wonderfully low numbers. Those numbers went from a steady 200+ to like, 50, at 9am, in an instant.. and 30 day it spikes routinely, but is pretty often up around 300. Chengdu, however, while horribly nasty and shitty compared to a ‘clean’ city, sits on an average of about 150 over the last 30 days, with today being the highest spike.