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I’m quite sure that freelancing on an F Visa is not allowed. As stated in your post, it’s for business trips, but it was abused by basically everyone who acquired one, for many years. For that reason, I think it’s going to either be very difficult or impossible to get an F Visa from this point on, or at least until we see more changes to visa law and policy.

Hi Charlie, thanks for your post. I wrote a blog yesterday entitled “Working on an F Visa” which kind of tells my story. I hope everything works out OK for everyone trying to make the switch to the relevant visa. It kind of makes sense though that the Chinese revenue Dept will want to keep as much of China’s money in China as possible, so i guess they are trying to outlaw illegal working as best they can. I may have a second bite at the cherry as i have had some feedback from another agent who might be running a contract in China later in the year. This time i want to ensure everything is in place with my visa, we will see how it pans out.