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@ Rick,

Jeez mate, me and my big mouth im very sorry to hear your troubles. Life as an Expat can be tough! I could tell you a similar story myself about my time abroad but i will spare you the pain of that one.

I have heard all sorts of crazy stories over the years about expats, had a good friend who did a 3 year over stay in OZ, he got deported, went back to the UK brought a house made some money in the housing market and then 5 years later headed back to OZ and bought a house cash. All he does most days now is surf as far as i know. He was told it was a five year hit cycle on the visa type of thing.

I heard another story about a friend of a friend in Thailand doing a ten year overstay on his visa. The judge took some much pity on him he offered to pay his flight home because he had no money at all. He renewed his passport and came back. I guess that was during the days of non finger printing though.

The point is there is always a way if you really search for it, even though it might not be right in front of your eyes. If you don’t mind me saying sounds like its the money and the job that’s keeping you in China. Why not take your wife back to Canada, settle for a while and then hit it again somewhere else? Believe me money aint the be all and end all, you will always find a way back to China if you really want to. As for the the little bit of trouble you had in the courts usually only serious convictions are considered when it comes to residency visas. I was told that if you hadn’t been to jail then you would get through it in most countries.

As for your BMW Z Series, just give it to me mate i will take care of it for you until you come back:))))

Chin up Rick it will work it self out!!