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am wondering If there is any important tips or knowledge I should know before attempting to pick up women in chengdu. I have never tried to pick up a Chinese girl. are there any tricks of the trade that anyone has learned from past experience ? or any vital knowledge that I should know before trying to pick up a Chinese girl such as sensitive topics, cultural differences I should take note of and the approach I should take towards a Chinese girl. secondly I would also like to know the places where I can find these women, please keep in mind that what I am looking for is fairly casual and also that I am looking for women preferably between the ages of 20-30 looking forward to your replies thanks

If you can pick up women anywhere, you can pick up women in China. There are cultural quirks of course, but if you’ve just gotten here I wouldn’t sweat that stuff too much. The rules of attraction don’t really change. Get a phone, go to places where single women hang out and meet people. Check out some bars in Chengdu.