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Most of the instructors I’ve seen in Chengdu have been very bad at instructing and it sounds like there are a lot of better gyms outside of Chengdu, but I’m living in Chengdu now, so I’ll just have to deal.I was actually pretty excited when I found moko, as it looked pretty legit, but went to two classes and no one showed up but one person one of the days. The door remained locked the other and I’m far too busy to maybe be training.

The sparring in this place (Chengdu) is horrific from what I’ve seen. A bit too hard. If anyone who hasn’t trained before doesn’t understand what I mean its like this: When you’ve never sparred before you throw pretty hard out of fear and don’t really know how to control your power. You act like you’re actually fighting. After training for sometime, you learn to relax and just work, using power when necessary. I couldn’t tell you how long it takes for this to happen, but it does and its quite evident when it hasn’t. I’ve seen a lot of hasn’t here..

Now, the main reason I posted the info for this gym is so that someone could find info on a gym. There isn’t hardly any information on this damn internet regarding gyms in this town. It would be nice to have a page with all of their contact info and prices. This was my attempt to begin that project.

As for MMA, Jerry isn’t teaching the MMA class at this new gym, a foreigner would be, but I’m not sure what his name was. I’m also not sure of his record or experience, but until there is another joint open with someone more adorned than he, I suggest you check out Jerry’s and avoid going to just any gym that has “MMA” posted in their window.

No matter what you do, be careful. There doesn’t seem to be much thought about the possibility of injury when instructors implement exercise routines. Just compare the driving back home to the driving here and you can get an idea of how amplified the chance of injury is. Again, the only exception I’ve personally seen was Jerry’s where there was a controlled environment to roll and everyone was aware that there wasn’t a real fight going on and someone competent was overseeing the session.

I’ve personally been training for about 5 years on and off (mostly on) and have decided to stick with fixing my own errors and choose working alone to the alternative of taking bad instruction. The coaches at Robot give me pointers here and there, but aren’t all offended when I just do my own thing either.

I’d like to have more people to train with here that are serious about training and I also don’t mind teaching anyone new the basics of stand up and if you have experience perhaps we can spar and give each other some pointers.

I am also in the process of finishing up my ISSA certification and soon will be able to confidently create exercise drills and routines for any beginners interested in training. Send me a PM if you wanna check this place out, or just show up and perhaps we’ll run into each other.