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I just picked up some of Hao’s tea this weekend and have to say it’s some of the best I’ve tried since being in China. A very ‘fresh’ green tea with an almost sweet flavor to it, without being specifically sweet. Well worth the 80rmb (500g) for anyone who enjoys the green Cha!

Hi, Brendan:

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I really appreciate your support.

It is good to know you like the tea. The green tea I am selling is this year’s produce, which is fresh.  The adequate amount of tea plus boiled water of proper temperature can make a nutritional green tea.

I do find the difference between the green tea brewed with water in chengdu ( including purified water, bottled mineral water and tap water etc and the water of my hometown. The water produced in my hometown is actually from snow moutains, thus it is cold, fresh and clean, as well as rich in minerals, just natural. The tea brewed with this water shows great light-green colour, and the flavour of the green tea can be gained in maximum, also the mouthfeeling is much more comfortable,  drinking tea is closer to acting tea art :).

I will be trying to expand my products. However, The point I am insisting is all teas for sale must be fresh, clean, free from chemical residues, maintainging natural state.