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Of course not, but it is an issue when promoters are trying to offer something different and people will instead decide to head to Jellyfish and get rat arsed. You should know this yourself Charlie after some of the abysmal turnouts to Disco Death at East Music Park. Potentially great parties end up being abandoned, and then people wonder why there isn’t a more cohesive scene in the city.

You can’t win them all. Try to host a regular event with 20 iterations and you will make mistakes, have problems, and experience events where the turnout isn’t good. I don’t feel bad about that at all though. I was in Berlin a few days ago with a DJ who was reminiscing about Disco Death at the old Xiong Mao and how it was one of the best gigs she had in China. In the same conversation, someone else in the studio we were in said he came to Chengdu and played at Lantown and it was a nightmare. That’s the range you’re dealing with.

If you feel bad about there not being enough events in the city, that’s great, use that energy to be a part of new events. Props to Andy, Dave, Loco, Hu Yang, Ian, and everyone else hosting events in the city, but there really aren’t many of us. The loss of Xiong Mao really hurts for DJs. We basically have nowhere to go. This week is a decent example, I would like to participate in a Halloween party, but there doesn’t seem to even be one in Chengdu at all. So I’ll take the bullet train to Nuts in Chongqing, instead.

This is true, but in fairness right here on Chengduliving we have directions laid out

I had the location on my phone and showed it to the driver, but it was hard to use because the road information hadn’t been updated. Got on a highway and tried to turn down a road that didn’t exist.