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Don’t worry ladies. I promise you won’t get beat up too bad. We would prefer to have someone with talent participate, but if you would like to stop-by and serve as a human punching bag I am sure we can use you. As you may have read, there was a competition at the East Music Park a few weeks ago. C3 will be holding more competitions in the future and a few gyms are keen on learning a little more about different styles. Training can be pretty static in China. Sanda is very useful, but a lot of the younger guys realize that no one from China has made a name for themselves on the international scene, in K-1 or MMA, and maybe it’s time to learn about and incorporate other styles. Ultimately we are trying to build the fight scene in Sichuan

I am not looking for “street fighters.” I am looking for trained martial artists who would like an opportunity to meet some people from Mianyang who share your interests. Again, we are not looking for anyone to get hurt. Our goal is to help build the sport. If you have experience with wrestling, BJJ, or Sambo you would be especially welcomed.