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@ Brendan – pretty well most of the small clinics have x-ray services.

There is a modern, clean and cheap health practice opposite the Golden Apple School on Dayang Tigou Tunnel (tunnel ??? – that’s what my iPad map calls it – actually a one way street) between Chuangye Road where it meets the Jingkun Expressway and Zirui North Street. I’m 90% certain that they have x-Ray and can take a walk round there if you need to know for certain.

Aternatively there is a small hospital between the No 2 road and the vegetable market on Shenxianshu North Road (about 150 meters south of the Number 2 on the left). It’s not pretty but I have had an xRay there and there was no waiting except for them to process the film. Free car parking.

Neither of these two locations speak English but both locations are far more civilised than Huaxi and are much cheaper. Good places to use if you have sports injuries and need physiotherapy.