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It’s difficult to answer this question without having actually held or used the iPad Air. I went to the Apple store in Hamburg today to try and check it out, but apparently it doesn’t get here for another week. My only beef with the full size iPad is the weight. The thing was just too heavy. Since the Air is about the same weight as the original iPad Mini, that might be the one to go with. Hard to say, honestly, both of them must be incredible. Between retina iPad Mini and super light iPad Air, you can’t go wrong. I’m assuming you aren’t broke if you’re buying Apple products! Android tablets aren’t in the same league. We’re definitely very close to the point where an iPad can take the place of a laptop – computing tasks that you need a laptop for are getting fewer and fewer each year. In light of that fact, I feel like spending $500 on an iPad now is a lot more straight forward than even two years ago when we were unsure of how tablet computing would play out (whether or not it’d be a fad like netbooks, etc).

Feels like people’s life  can’t live without tablet even now, I was just planning to take most of the work on a tablet since Apple gives you free working suites apps now, that’s why I’m prefer iPad Air. And compare to a laptop, tablets is way lighter. But sadly, programers still need a PC or Mac to work, haha.

But seriously, china’s Apple product applied so much tax. I may ask someone in the States help me get one.

And about Android, maybe no, I just get used to iOS, when using Android just feel weird, if I’m not an iOS developer and I just want to use it for watch video or go on some website, maybe a chinese Android is much a better deal. Chinese tablets can even sell at a price around 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But most factory-modified Android system are not stable anymore, so don’t expect too much.LOL