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    Hi All

    I have many brand new Air purifiers available and wish to rent them out, they are more than average want to afford in here or simply the air-pollutoin were not serious enough to raise the awareness and driven locals to put money on them. So I’m thinking rent them out would be a win-win for those who really need them for a few month or a year.

    they are ionizer purifiers which consuming nothing but a little of electricty, actually I never turn mine off in the winter. it’s pumping at a rate of 240m3/hr and adjustable. they do not require any consumable materials or frequent clean up.

    I only ask for a few bucks per day at Max depends on how long you need it, you can keep them as long as you think the price is still fair, just make sure to return it to me before you leave.

    For detail contact: 15882495497 better text during working days
    QQ: 879966417
    [email protected]
    WeChat: Sharlingstore

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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