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    Hi,there!This is Andy,it’s been a long time that I haven’t say hi to you.Last year,I traveled around the Aba state to communicate with the local people and do some small bussiness with them.You know,to  purchase the local stuff from them and help them to have some communication with other cities.

    I love the local life-style,and enjoy the yak meat and milk everyday.But,I really miss the vegetables,my teeth looks a little bit yellow when I have had meat after a  month.Besides,I love the sky and the land, there’s a lot of clouds and can see the blue sky everyday;The land also looks beautiful,the grass, flowers, and animals  everywhere.Most importantly, the local people are very kind, and they treat  the travlers with enthusiasm.

    Lastly,I would like to share some pictures of the horse racing in Ruoergai, they organized it on April 23th,check the pictures as bellow, and I will share more information if you like it, and you can ask me  many questions by leaving a message.


    How embarrassing !There’s an error when I upload the pictures.


    Nice share as always Andy, you have been a blessing to me ever since I discovered Chengduliving.. Just wanted to say those memorable trips that you allowed me to tag along? It was awesome k.. Next destination Songpan right?


    Those are some beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them. To anyone living in Chengdu: definitely take the time to visit Western Sichuan.

    How embarrassing! There’s an error when I upload the pictures.

    The error is due to uploading photos which are over 1mb in size, that is the maximum image size allowed. Edit photos so they are smaller before uploading them. If you have any other problems, feel free to send me a PM through the forum and I’ll help you out 🙂


    Thank you,Charlie.I will make it right next time, and many nice pictures about my experiences will be shared on the forum.lol…


    Hi,Xperimental.It has been over  half a year since we meet on chengduliving,and glad to know you.No matter what happened, just feel free to PM me, and let’s looking forward to the next trip, don’t forget to take the oxygen with you.

    Next time,I will go to Jinchuan county,a little city next to Maerkang.

    Besides,thanks for your pictures sharing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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