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    Hello everyone!

    I will be arriving in Chengdu in August or September. I have a cat that I am bringing from Japan. Thankfully given where the cat is coming from, he wouldn’t be subject to a quarantine anyways as long as the paper work is filled out correctly and he has all the proper vaccines. HOWEVER as all of the websites I come across never mention Chengdu as a potential port of entry, I am just writing to confirm that it would be ok to come directly into Chengdu.

    It seems it would be ok based on previous posts I found about the matter, but those were also dated from two years ago and regulations can always change.

    No worries about the paperwork side of things as I’m old hat at this, but I just thought I’d confirm that I could in fact enter directly into Chengdu.

    Thank you!


    Hi I was trying to bring back my cat from the States but failed. But I know some about the pet policy. china just changed its pet policy in may, 2019. Every city could be a port of entry as long as you have vaccines (rabbies + others) verification from the government agency. (it’s USDA in the US) If your cat is coming from Japan, make sure the verification is coming from Japanese government. Or it could be really complicated.(Ex. if your documents are from the US, you will have to get a rabbies test lab report from certain lab). 2)your cat has to have microchip.

    if you fail to meet these two requirements, then it comes to port selection. shortly, chengdu is not one of those ports which can offer lab test for pets. so failing to meet those requirements, your cat will be forced to stay out of borderline.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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