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    Hello everyone~

    I’m a chinese student who has been studing in France for 3 years.I’d like to take advantage of my french.Actually,I’m inspired by one Russian friend.I need someone who’s from France in chengdu(I don’t even know if there’s any…to be honest…french guys’ english…)to help me to spread the culture of France…well…actually…just making friends and do someting really meaningfuls ….something like that~If ever there’s some~don’t hesitate to contact me,leave a message in my telephone…People from other countries can contact me too if you need a friend…maybe….a little crazy…^^don’t be afraid!

    well…my phone number:18228040630    which will last…maybe…6 months

    Avatar photoCharlie

    There are tons of French people in Chengdu! I’m not sure where the best place to find them would be though, aside from the usual expat hangouts.

    Avatar photoRawleycat

    Bonjour,  je m’appelle Jeremy et je suis prof de français, mais j’habite en Chine pour le moment. Je enseignais le français aux USA et au Méxique (Alliance française) , mais en Chine, je suis prof d’anglais, ma langue maternelle.

    Et je  parle pas mal de 普通话 … 🙂

    Heureux de faire votre connaissance. N’hésitez pas à me contacter. [email protected].



    Avatar photoLiam

    Yeah, I’m not sure what Rawleycat said, but he did mention the Alliance Francaise- they’re up near the UESTC, on Jianshe lu in the NW. Lots of French speakers and Chinese people learning French out that way (although I think they’re currently moving).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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