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    Avatar photoQuentin

    Hi everyone,

    I just arrived in Chengdu and am just starting to find my way around. I must say this place seems pretty exciting!

    As I don’t know many people here yet, I was just wondering if some of you were spending the CNY in Chengdu, and if yes if you were interested in going out for a (few) drinks.




    Avatar photoDandelion

    Hi,Quentin!Welcome to Chengdu. Of course it is interesting to enjoy the life here,you will like it!

    Where are you from and what work do you do here?


    Avatar photoQuentin


    Thanks a lot, happy to be here!

    I’m French, and work as a production manager for a video game company (Ubisoft) in TianFu Software Park.

    Although I really enjoy my coworkers (some really good fellas I must say), I’d like to get to know people outside the company as well. You know, life balance… this kinda crap…

    My schedule’s still pretty clear 😉

    Avatar photoMimka

    Welcome to Chengdu!

    We are kinda making a group for a game called “Escape the room”, you can see the topic in the forum. You can join us  when time comes 🙂
    Cheers! =)

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I just saw this but hopefully you found something fun to do. It sounds like all the venues at the Poly Center were active every day during the vacation, so there was no shortage of places to hang out during the vacation this year. That, along with the lack of fireworks this year, makes this CNY in Chengdu quite different from the past.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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