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    ng so fanng so fan

    🙂  i am buddhist, i remember once i had such a bad days/weeks/months/year, i was so mad and frustrated that i said” buddha, are you blind or bribed, deaf or dead? why didnt you this and that etc etc etc..  i hope buddha dont get mad with me.


    I don’t too much about your friend Buddha 😉 but I believe that he/she don’t like too when someone speak/think bad of another people.

    Anyway the life go on!


    Stereotypes will exist until the end of time. We are genetically coded to assess a magnitude of information in a flash, so boiling anyone down to bite size for convenience is natural. As man increased his boundaries and expanded upon his own geography he encountered many variations of self. It was a matter of survival that he learn to assess friend or foe, thus laying the groundwork for snapshot judgement of anyone who appeared to be ‘different’. Early man was also free of political correctness and dinner table sensitivity. We’ve been so bombarded with social commentary in the West it has at times blunted the very expression that makes us unique.

    Well put!

    ng so fanng so fan

    Buddha has no like or dislike.   Possibly he would feel sorry for my ignorance only.  🙂  sorry, i guess i have talked too much too.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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