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    Hello all, I am planning to move to Chengdu/Sichuan province as soon as I am able to find a viable position. I have extensive experience in adult education in the health field and am hoping to gain some understanding of how to identify a good school to work for and how to find a decent job. I have reviewed the Teaching English forum here on Chengdu Living but only see a couple scouts and was hoping to gain some knowledge from those who have experience.  I have responded to a couple posts on gochengdoo and have yet to raise any interest. I would love to hear any advice. I am open to teaching little ones and prefer mature students. Thank you in advance!!!!

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    Since you say you have experience I’d suggest you try the Universities. Relatively easy to get hired if you are a native speaker.

    If you want to teach smaller classes and don’t mind working a bit more Meten and I2 seem to be alright. They are both private language “training centre” chains. There are lots of smaller private schools all over Chengdu as well, but those can be hit and miss, you’d better check them out yourself once you’re here.

    Beware of dodgy “schools” and recruiters!


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    How’s you kids teaching?  With adults, unis are probably the best option but if you can work with kids, schools are plenty.

    Largest ones probably EF (good one), Meten (not bad at all) and I2 (worst ever).

    Plus like the one above me said, small schools, hit or miss, if hit – you can safely work there for years.

    Also if you really lucky and/or have connections, corporate trainer is probably the top position available atm in that field.

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    Thanks for the info! Hope you join you all there soon 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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