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    Hi everyone Iam looking for some advice on my apartments’ building fees (Wuguan). My place is about 90sqm and I pay 3000 per year which I feel is too much. The owner takes the money every 6 months and pays the fees himself and hasn’t ever given my a receipt (fapiao) which was fine as I didn’t think anything of it.

    Now this is the science part by chance I went to look at new apartments in my complex with a friend and an estate agent. My friend saw an indentical apartment size wise 90m and she only has to pay 2150 RMB per year for the building fees and I thought WTF why am I paying 3000 a year!!

    So now I am thinking am I being conned or are the fees different for a reason although I am pretty sure the latter is not true for the same size apartment. Therefore can anyone help shed some light on this so I can decide what step to take next.

    I would appreciate any honest advice.


    Vincent NLVincent NL

    I’m sharing an apartment with a Chinese couple and they asked me to share the fees. Although I didn’t pay more then 200 I think.

    Maybe good to hear from some others, but I’m sure people will try to make some extra money


    Your apartment’s fee can be looked up very easily online, with soufun or some other site. I’ve never heard of it being different for different units, maybe if it is a mixed complex with some walkups and some elevator buildings?

    I would expect to pay within 2-5 mao of one yuan per square meter per month and you are paying close to three. I might go as high as two yuan/metre for a very nice place or lower rent, but it does seem high.

    Rick in ChinaRick in China

    You could also just walk down to the wuguan office, tell them your house number, and ask what the monthly fee for wuguan fee is..


    Thank you for all your tips I will be going to the wuguan office this week coming and get some answers as it may be something or it may be nothing only one way to find out.


    In my compound I haven’t paid them so far.

    They keep sticking these bills to my door patiently.

    But as of now I have no intention of paying them given my less than satisfying experience. They can’t even deal with the most simple matters, not to even mention the bigger ones like rat infestation.

    All I got so far is those empty stares, where you immediately realize that nothing will happen ever.

    Should they really try to collect it I will fight them.

    I know what a good management office is able to do and I happily pay them for it. But if I am asked to pay for bored brats to doze away on their office chair 80% of the day I say: Thanks but no thanks.

    Hm, having a little Chengdu moment here …..

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