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    Avatar phototurtle

    Hi it’s time for me soon to take a vacation somewhere, I’m thinking Thailand, Japan or New Zealand maybe, problem is, I HATE traveling alone.

    Luckily I’m making many friends here in Chengdu, and I was secretly thinking maybe I could convince one of them to go with me.

    However there is the problem of the Chinese passport, I’m researching online but it’s soo complicated.

    Can someone explain to me jargon-free where I am likely to be able to take a Chinese easily?
    If I understood it right only rich people are allowed to exit the country?

    I just want to go on a short vacation so it’s not worth it to do some complicated money transfer to her bankaccount so that she can prove that she’s rich or whatever. I just want to go on easy vacation.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Can adjust dates, tick off “Landing Visa Available” in top right, and see what kinda flights available outta chengdu (direct, if required) that offers Chinese passport holders landing visas.

    Avatar phototurtle

    Thanks dog!

    Avatar photoleki35

    finally, where did you go ? and how many friends along with you?

    Avatar photoKun Peng

    Forgive me for derailing, But Hey,  Niber, i’ve read your Blog about game development.

    I’m a game designer too, in Tap4fun, Chengdu.

    Are you still here in Tribeplay?

    P.S.: Chinese friends surely can travel with you if they have enough money and time. And Thailand is a good choice, cuz it’s available for “Visa on arrival” and don’t require for some bank statement.

    Avatar phototurtle

    Yepyep still at Tribeplay.

    THat’s hardly on topic tho, but you can add my wechat instead to chat about that 😉 (catdogpanda)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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