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    Hey all,

    Anyone homeschooling this year? I’m starting with Charlotte Mason style using BYL (kindy level) as a foundation with my 4 year old.

    Would like to find a group for my oldest to possibly get some exposure with other foreigner kids…any out there?

    If your near Huayang, we run an Early Ed Montessori program (just two days a week for a couple hours) for 2-3 yr olds, ur welcome to join.


    how to join with u in the homeschooling?



    Sorry for the late reply. I don’t have the home school group, just still looking for anything.
    Your near me, right? your around lux hills?

    Venus Xiong

    hi. my daughter is 2 years and 8 months old with the montessiro early education. i am seeking her foreign little friends. we are in LeShan city where the giant buddha is.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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