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    We have a lot of drivers in our company who speak English and drive sophiscatedly and know every place in Chengdu and its surroundings as well. Most of them graduated from the colleges and learned english for quite a few years. some of them passed College Englsih Test Band 4 and some of the drivers have years of English tour guide experience. They are sunny, active and energetic people who enjoy the jobs working with foreigners and offer the service as well as they can.

    They have gathered rich experience in how to serve our foreign clients as they worked as tour guide before. They know how to dress under different cirsumstances and they are familar with foreign ettiques too. Compared with hiring a driver from other car rental companies, it is more convenient, efficient and economical to hire an English speaking driver from Travel Sichuan Guide,it saves plenty of time, nuisances and money.

    Contact Scott at +86 13880381857 or email: [email protected] and you can visit our website here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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