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  • KiwiT

    Hey, I am considering work in China and have a job offer for Chengdu or Guangzhou.  I’ve lived in Korea, but haven’t lived in China . Although Chengdu sounds great (food, pandas, tea etc), I’m worried it may be more isolating than Guangzhou due to language.  If anyone can help with these questions and my decision that would be great:

    Are there a lot of English speaking expats and social activities in Chengdu?  How is the pollution and lifestyle in the city?  Is there much traditional culture left? Thanks a lot!


    Life is much better in Chengdu than in Guangzhou in my opinion, but Guangzhou, being so close to HK, is much closer to the outside of China. The two cities are quite different. Before making a long term decision I would visit to figure out which city suits you. We’re going into the winter and Guangzhou is warm and nice for that, while Chengdu is pretty cold and grey. For me the biggest downside of Chengdu is the winter. Overall though, it is the best place to be living in China, in my opinion.


    Chengdu is pretty cold and grey

    True that.

    Pollution in winter can get hazardous for the sensitive group. According to 2016? data, Chengdu just barely edged out Beijing for highest PM2.5. Always check the air quality index (AQI) and wear masks whenever its necessary.

    You’ll find lots of places to hang out here. There’s a handful of Western restaurants and bars in the city.

    Chengdu is notorious for bad traffic during rush hours due to its centralized layout. It’s pretty convenient if you ride a bike.

    Browse this site and listen to some podcasts to get an idea about life in Chengdu as an expat– especially the guide section.

    Feel free to check out my blog post also (ideal for people who’re planning to move to Chengdu.)

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