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    Hey All,

    Recently I’ve been writing Chengdu stories for Next City’s Resilient Cities series. Here are the first three:

    Urban Farms

    Global Center

    Public Transit

    I am writing another one this weekend about education.

    Here is my idea: I’d like to crowdsource ideas on how Chengdu is unique and, I guess resilient, and then choose a few for this Next City series, and ALSO choose a few for ChengduLiving. maybe make our own series out of it, perhaps Beautiful Chengdu or something along those lines.

    This forum is very active, but our content on the front page hasn’t been refreshed in a while – MY FAULT – but yo I am really and truly busy. Doing this and this and other stuff

    So perhaps the community at large can help to make the site better through brainstorming some ideas, perhaps submitting multimedia content, and then Charlie and I can put together the posts and the author will be YOU …



    Avatar photoangelina999990

    Hi Sascha, sound like a plan . I would like to help with the traffic topic and maybe some others. But not that sure  how you receive those stuff / where to  submit Multimedia content?

    Should i  post  stuff  through forum directly ?

    Avatar photomsinglynx

    Well, thats all well and good but are you gonna pay? Cuz I stopped making things on spec like….. 10 years ago.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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