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    Avatar phototina tan

    recently I have  been teaching a couple of Chinese students , It’s interesting last time when my student asked about Chinese cuisines and all , I went off the book to talk about a lot of cooking culture and a Chinese poem and that famous poet and his stories and stuff like that, and he got the difference in two pork slices between yuxiang rousi (fish flavored pork slices) and shuizhu roupian ( water boiled pork slices) And things….

    Anyway, just want to see if anyone is interested in learning about traditional culture, I d like to have a group of people, and i will offer to teach for free.( ps, my class is 100 at least for private students.) I am doing it to see if I can establish a website About Chinese teaching.(entrepreneurship… Haha, go me.) and to motivate myself to know more and read more just in case one day I need it..

    1 . The group will limit to 8-10 people.

    2. It is for free.

    3.  There will be different topics and different activities every 1- 2 weeks. Including Chinese learning , Chinese poetry , chinese pottery , Chinese tea, Chinese calligraphy , Chinese cooking , Chinese history, and so on , depending on group members’ interest. .

    Ps: what makes me the right one to do this? I am responsible so I will read and ask for my friends help.Frankly I am more of someone to help and to introduce something than to teach something here. And My coworker Andrew knows more of Chinese tea than me.

    4.  I expect people who attend it to know at least a bit of  Chinese.

    ( I will adjust or improvise depends on the situation )

    5.  And yes, there will be homework..

    6. Anyone who is into starting a website  to teach Chinese or can give me some tips or advice ,  pls feel free to contact me.


    Avatar photorsm


    good luck 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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