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    I’m blessed with an amazing landlady, but the apartment I’m renting from her could use some upgrading… Have any of you remodeled your kitchen and/or bathroom here in CD, and what did it cost?

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    I renovated the kitchen and bathroom at my bar. The tile averaged out to about 60 RMB/sqm (shopped around a lot outside the city, prices inside the city will be at least 30% higher). The labor for tiling the kitchen and the bathroom floors and walls (in total about 25 sqm) I roughly estimate to be about 1000 RMB.

    Grout will cost a couple hundred.

    Rubbish disposal depends on how much you have, but will probably be another couple hundred.

    Drop ceiling for the kitchen and bathroom was about 900 for materials and installation.

    It varies greatly depending on your materials and exactly what type of job needs to be done.


    @Ziich: you opened a bar? Don’t wanna plug it?


    Thanks, that’s less than I imagined! The kitchen here is in horrible need of a renovation, so if I sign a lease for multiple years I’d be tempted to just pay it out of pocket – and get the landlady to cover new air-conditioners. I’ve been looking at kitchen cabinets on Taobao, and it seems the standard height is just 80 cm… Is Ikea the only option if you want a bench height of 95+ cm?

    Where did you find the laborers to do tiling?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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