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    Avatar photopookawang

    Hi All,

    Currently I have an apartment(my own) to rent for someone, I’m looking for high quality tenant to take care of my home.  It’s really a new、nice and warm apartment ( large kitchen with large living room). I hope who willing to rent my apartment is a person with love, kindness, and family oriented, cherish my home as own, Here is some general information about my apartment.

    Property name: Crystal Park

    Property address: NO.188 Fucheng avenue, Wuhou district, Chengdu , Sichuan ,China

    Property Style: appartment

    20th  floor (10/20) , elevator

    Square: 154 square meters

    Room Number: 3 bedrooms (one of which has separate bathroom), 1 living room, 1 dinning room,1 kitchen, 1 shared bathroom, 3 balcony, 1 boxroom.

    Traffic:1 mins’ walk to nearest bus stop, 10 mins’ walk  to gaoxin subway station,40 mins’ drive to airport ( on average).

    Furniture: new

    Furnishing: full

    Home Appliance: full.all products for living is ready (TV, Refrigerator, Air-condition, Shower, etc)

    Renting: 10000 rmb/month(The rent does not include Property management fees, internet, water、gas and electricity fee, etc.)

    Payment Method: seasons payment or half year payment or yearly payment, with one month deposit, Credit Card preferred, but cash acceptable .

    Contacts: email:[email protected]       mobile: 180********


    Some American or European family have living in the Crystal Park Chengdu Sichuan. I hope to find a cleaning, cherish home tenant, i don’t wanna who made my home in a mess. Actually, why do not wanna rent for a person who he/she don’t treat a rental apartment like their own home, it need repair again after several years, but if you live in own apartment, maybe some equipment and appliance would not broke so quickly, and cherish them.

    We will sign contract for one year or more long, I don’t wanna rent for a short period.

    For more detailed information, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you!

    Yang Li

    Best Regards


    Avatar photoRay

    Your place sounds nice, and I wish you luck in finding a tenant, but you also need to be realistic as a landlord. I’ve been in my place for 4 years. I haven’t seen my landlord in 3. She skimped on some of the materials (such as kitchen cabinets and countertops), and the shitty green plastic over the patio crumbled after 2 years. That’s cool; I don’t ask for repairs or replacements. But when it’s time for her to inspect her “lovely, cherished” apartment, I’m hoping that she’s also gonna be realistic. Renting is a two-way street. You take $ from the renter, but you can’t expect your place to be perfect when they move out.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Also suggest posting pictures 😀

    Avatar photoVincent

    Ray, you are an awful, awful tenant.

    Avatar photoAl the Dead

    Lol Ray, seems you got an awful luck. I just had to repair all the minor stuff (cause my flat was empty 1.5 years before i moved in) and now i live happily.

    Granted changing 9 bulbs in two days gave me “wonderful” feeling.

    Avatar photoRay

    No guys, you don’t get it. I’m happy to have an absentee landlord. She doesn’t bother me, and I actually pay for a lot of little stuff (water heater/washing machine) to get fixed without bothering her. My apartment is actually awesome.

    : man, I am an exceptional tenant. True story: not long ago my cat caught a bird. As he does, he brings it inside to torture it. Bird made a dash for freedom. Cat pummelled bird (small, cute little sparrow kinda thing) into the wall leaving a thin streak of blood. You ever try to get bloodstains off a wall? Not easy. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but carefully, mind you, cos I don’t wanna mess up the paint work. Now blood is almost impossible to detect, unless you bring some of those CSI guys around. My landlord is lucky to have me 🙂

    Avatar photopookawang

    Hi guys,
    This forum is very hot yesterday. I am very appreciate Ray and Rick in china giving me so much suggstion,thanks.

    Avatar photopookawang

    Today,I give more information and upload some images. 9 square Shopping mall is 1 minutes walk away. In the Crystal Park,you can swim in an all weather indoor swimming pool,you can play badminton indoor or outside。 I am very appreciate you who give me suggestion or useful message,TKS.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    There should be a rule on here requiring any apartment for rent over a certain amount to include photos. 10k rmb rent is really high for a Chengdu apartment.

    I’m amazed at the cost of rent in these newer skyscraper-style buildings. I recently looked at some near the software park and it looks like 3k is the baseline for getting something reasonably sized with two bedrooms. Cost of rent has gone way up.

    Avatar photopookawang

    Tks. Who can tell me how can I upload some images?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Tks. Who can tell me how can I upload some images?

    You can:

    1. Upload them as attachments to a post. Click the “Choose file” button below where you author a new post
    2. Upload your images anywhere online and then link to them on the forum. To do this, click the “Insert/edit photos” button which is right-most button above the post author screen. The icon is of a photograph
    3. Email me the photos at [email protected] and I can upload them for you
    Avatar photopookawang

    Hi Charlie,thank you for helping me upload images.In fact,I can use mobile upload images,but l cant’use computer upload images. I dont’ why?TKS.
    Best Regards.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Hi Charlie,thank you for helping me upload images.In fact,I can use mobile upload images,but l cant’use computer upload images. I dont’ why?TKS. Best Regards.

    You should use a desktop. You won’t be able to upload images from a phone.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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