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    Hi guys, first time post so be nice. I’m moving to Chengdu from the UK in March 2017, honestly can’t say how excited I am.

    This question might make it sound like I should just not leave home but clubs and music are probably the thing I’m going to miss most so I wonder if anyone could help me out.

    I’ve looked up China’s dance music scene and seen terms like bhangra and techno thrown about but is there anywhere in Chengdu that does Drum and Bass?

    I’m also into Hip Hop and UK Garage (obviously I know that one’s a massive long shot). So yeah basically if anyone knows what I’m talking about can they give me any pointers?

    Much love.

    Avatar photogojira

    I’ve never been to a club that played latest chunes from RAM, Hospital or Viper fam (I like these sounds). And I don’t go to clubs these days.

    But I’m pretty sure there are hip-hop / jungle / dnb events happening here every now and then.

    I bet Charlie (admin/moderator) will share some info later on.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    There is a small drum & bass scene in Chengdu, but hip hop is much larger. This upcoming weekend (the 14th, I think) Joe Nice (America’s dubstep ambassador from Baltimore) is performing in Chengdu at Here We Go. The show is promoted by Cvalda of MIST, and she is the main drum & bass promoter and DJ in Chengdu. You will want to meet her, she is nice. Feel free to get in touch with me over WeChat, I can add you to some WeChat groups so you can find some like-minded music fans.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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