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    Avatar photoAKK

    Hi Peeps,

    I understand that international driving is not valid here, how can i get a driving license in China if I have a valid driving license back home?

    Avatar photoBrendan

    You might want to check out this previously posted thread.

    Avatar photoVincent

    I tried to post in the drivers license thread Brendan linked to but I can’t lol. The post just doesn’t appear. What’s wrong, Charlie?

    Avatar photolinka999

    Vincent, i was imagine you drive a QQ car, wear that hat and glasses like your avatar.


    Avatar photoRick in China

    I’ve been driving for about 6.5 years in Chengdu – but failed the license test the only time I took it (68/100).. I’ve decided to read through the test though – if anyone wants the test questions in English let me know via PM (like an email or something to send to) and I’ll send it along..

    Avatar photoVincent

    Might be an interesting topic for the next CL article: Getting a driver’s license in Chengdu

    And Linka I’m afraid I would not fit in that car 🙂 unless there is a convertible version!

    Avatar photoBen

    Thanks mostly to the on-line practice test here, I got 99/100 first time. Make sure you use Internet Explorer.

    The rest of the requirements are easy; health check, police registration and a valid foreign driving license with English translation from a certified translation agency.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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