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  • Hise

    looking for a caring home for my 2000+ dvd’s

    a really superb collection with movies from all over the world. japanese, chinese, korean, thai, hongkong, macao, russian, ukranian, polish, all the scandinavian countries, croatian, albanian, slovenian, slovakian, german, belgian, dutch, chilean, argentinian, brazilian, mongolian, bhutanian, indian, venezualan, cuban, serbian, canadian, french canadian, french, spanish, south african, iraqi, iranian, israelian, english, vietnamese, latvian,lithuanian,estonian, macedonian, greek, turkish, icelandic, bosnian, herzegovenian, austrian, swiss, czech, morrocan, nigerian, portuguese, romanian, italian…. and many many more countries.

    includes anime, disney, and other animation, documentaries, and downright super obscure stuff, things you would NEVER find, even with super search and download skills, MK2, second run, criterion collection, former eastblock, socialist movies, too many to mention. a real delight for the movie buff! besides those there are the usual suspects like, the great hollywood blockbusters blade runner, star wars, scarface, and the likes plus the run of the mill romantic comedies (for sharing an evening on the sofa with your girlfriend).

    make an offer, in one blast you would own an outstanding selection that’ll last you for a lifetime or even start a movie club with!

    add me on wechat or send me a message at 15882356944 .greetings HISE

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