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    They might be inaccurate depending on what you want to use it for but they can still be great tools to track certain trends in your life.

    Whether or not they’re good value depends on yourself and why you feel like you want one.

    Xiaomi is the bare minimum, it does nothing but counting steps and tracking sleep. The HR monitor is useless. But at 79RMB, sure, obviously great value. Completely different segment.

    Fitbit is being the cool brand on the block and they do have a fancy app but I feel their firmware could be better and has a lot more potential than what they’re doing with it. Actually I’m just rustled their bands don’t have a activity reminder / idle alert, which seems like a super standard attribute for a device like this.

    I like Garmin’s stuff a lot.

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    Which food delivery places are you referring to?

    Can you elaborate? Diet is where I struggle…

    Without getting into specific companies here, one example would be the ‘Enjoy’ app, which highlights health related/conscious businesses in Chengdu (within a city selection drop-down menu). Restaurants listed might not necessarily qualify, but you’ll find food delivery services, gyms, and other such businesses offering discounts and trial offers.

    How does everyone feel about those fitness trackers/heart rate monitors…

    I picked up a Fitbit Charge HR a while ago, and while it’s wholly inaccurate for activities like cycling, and the sleep tracking is a little shaky, it does provide useful data on the basis of consistency. I wanted to start tracking my heart rate and use the data to track my recovery from training short/long term. This together with the sleep tracking has been extremely useful, while most other data (steps, calories burned, etc) is redundant. As long as you make use of the data and implement changes accordingly, these trackers are a useful tool.

Viewing 3 posts - 241 through 243 (of 243 total)
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