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    Avatar photoRick in China

    I went to this Escape the Room game in Chengdu with my current project team. We arranged it as sorta a team building event on the weekend, and I have to say – it was really fun. It was only about 70 minutes and the cost is 130/pp at the place we went, but I absolutely think it was worth the cost….it was elaborate and well done.

    I’m curious if others have done escape the room in Chengdu and there are more places that offer this than the one I went – there are so many more rooms I want to go and try, but it requires a team. My team was around 8 or so (we split into 2 teams), start in 3 rooms, figure out a puzzle between the 3 rooms which requires communicating with eachother to open up the doors for the 2 side rooms into the middle room, then utilizing information from the original 2 side rooms to unlock a coffin which led to another room down below (climb down a ladder), unlocking a mini-room within a pyramid inside that room that had something else which allowed unlocking of another room, then utilizing something in that final room to unlock something in the pyramid which ultimately allowed for information to be figured out from several puzzles in the final room combined with the other lower-floor rooms to open the exit. We didn’t finish it. It was really good, though.

    This was an Egyptian themed escape the room… I’m eager to try the ‘hospital horror room’ one.

    Avatar photoIona

    It sounds great! Could you post contact details & an address please?

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I think I’ve heard of this before, but I heard it referred to as something else (X-something?)

    Do you have an address or website for this place? It sounds like fun.

    Avatar photoSlavsky

    There is also a place called Magic Space. Native Chinese is a must for some routes.
    Have lost business card with the address, but it is right behind Wanda Plaza next to Renmin North Road metro. Building behind the plaza has large letters saying “Magic Space”. Overall a good spot. Prices more or less the same: 100-120 pp.
    Would like to get address of escape the room though

    Avatar photoThe Clubhouse

    They are all over Chengdu now. The original one was MrX in The former East Music Park.

    There is now one in the Polycenter (what isn’t in there now). It is a while since I went but it’s in the part of the Polycenter nearer the US Consulate. You enter by the door beside the Tous Les Jour bakery. Can’t remember which floor it’s on but it was heavily advertised in the lobby.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    This is the weibo related with the one I went to. It’s very close to narrow-wide alley..

    Avatar photoChris Ziich

    I’ve done 5 of the 6 at Mr. X in the East Music Park and each one was challenging, enjoyable and well designed. I’ve never been able to escape any room on the first try. Though the one time we got close, one of the workers there came in unannounced and gave us some unsolicited hints which helped us escape. I have mixed feelings about that and don’t count it as a win.

    But regardless I highly recommend trying that one out. It requires no knowledge of Chinese as all of the puzzles are logic-based (ha, this sentence). It’s around the corner from the KTV across from the 7eleven. Call ahead to reserve a room especially on weekends.

    Avatar photoAlan

    I’ve done a few of these and I agree that they are awesome.

    They can be a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. The decoration is usually pretty decent and most of them don’t require Chinese. However occasionally they can be quite Chinese heavy!

    There are scores of these places dotted around Chengdu. If you go on a groupon site and search for 密室 (mi shi) you’ll find a bunch. You can also search for “X-room” or “Takagism” and you might get some different results.

    One that I can recommend is in the Poly Centre, fifth floor room 511. The same building as Helen’s etc.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Ah, I think the one I went to was really quite good quality decor. I’m going to try these other 2 mentioned (Poly & MrX) though, but I think my coworker mentioned he had tried one at the east music park and it was not as high quality as this.. are they all around the same price? 130? And to confirm, no Chinese required whatsoever for the one I did either.

    Avatar photoMimka

    Hello everybody! My friend told me about this “Escape the room” a few days ago and I thought it’s a great idea.  So if you are making a group or something, I am totally into it!

    Cheers! : )

    Avatar photoRick in China


    I’d be down if a few people want to get together to try some more of these – it’s tough with fewer people, I think 6-8 would be ideal..

    Avatar photopikachu

    im up for it

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I’m up for this also. If we can get 3-4 more people we can go as a group some weekend. After 春节 might be a great time to do this, shouldn’t be too cold then.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    @Charlie yeh after the CNY is probably a good idea – also, typically need to book in advance. Also I remember one thing: the one that I went to near narrow-wide alley, if you complete the room, they give you this cool little metal idol thing that you can exchange for another go, it’s like their currency/prize for success. Quite frankly the room I was in was too difficult to complete in 1 go for first timers but the other group did theirs quite easily and got their little idols.

    I’d be down with the one at Poly mentioned here or the one at narrow-wide alley, but I’m guessing poly is probably closer to most people’s places. So far interested:


    Anyone else?

    Avatar photochengdutexan

    I’m game to go.



    Avatar photoQuentin

    You can add me to the list too 😉

    Avatar photoWoodWERD


    Avatar photoRick in China

    I’m thinking lots of people will be working one weekend day this weekend due to CNY so perhaps the next weekend may be a good time to plan for it. I was going to make a google form but think that may be restrictive, instead, if interested in March 7th or 8th, join the wechat group with the QR code inserted here..

    We can sort out logistics/planning once group fills up a bit.

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