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    Never mind the weird title, I’d like to share the Chinese tips for those people who like to study Chinese, since I am a Chinese natvie speaker. But for you, I hope you can share the English tips with me in the same way. Is it fair?

    No matter, oral, writing and anything else.

    1. Chengdu local people don’t speak Mandarin. They speak Sichuan Hua. Sichuan Hua pronounciation is totaly different form Mandarin, many foreigners can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, but they don’t know Sichuan Hua.

    tip: What are you doing now? Sichuan:你在搞啥子? Mandarin: 你在干吗?Same meaning. Is it interesting? So next time, meeting your local friends, just say, “最近,你在搞啥子?” (Recently, what are you doing?). Trust me, you can drive them crazy. 🙂

    See you.

    Avatar photoBryan

    So sad, no one is interested in this?

    Tip 2: Near the Sichuan University, there is a computer market. If you need some hardware or software, don’t buy these by yourself. Ask your chinese classmate to buy one. It’s more cheap.

    Avatar photoMatt

    Does it sounds like the pinyin reads, in your Sichuan hua example?

    你在搞啥子? zai gao shazi?

    I really notice the drawl a lot. The Sichuan accent, so to speak. I’ve heard that Sichuan hua has no tones – is that true?

    My #1 tip for learning English – write everything you learn down. Start with words, then sentences, then paragraphs, then journal entries or essays.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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