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    Leaving China so looking for good home for 3 lovebirds.
    The parents are in the large ornamental cage. It’s decorative, black and is 135cm high, 75cm long, 35cm wide. The offspring is in a small, cheapish cage (it cannot be housed with the parents as the male will kill it).
    These are peach-faced lovebirds, which are hardier than other lovebird varieties. They can withstand Chengdu winters if the cage is covered at night (I’ve had the parents for 3 years). If you wanna bring the cage indoors, you can do that too.
    Would be ideal for apartment with balcony or garden. They’re gregarious, cool birds. The parents eat off my hand. The offspring attacks my hand. Looking for responsible owner, not just just a freebie-seeker. These birds have been treated well (fed hi-quality food, with daily fruit, greens and cuttlebone provided).
    If interested, text me (no calls please). The “birds should not be caged!” community need not reply. Thanks again.
    Ray 18384244322


    It’s gone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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