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    Currently living in Chengdu with a 1 yr residence permit for reunion, planning on getting a work permit. How do I go about this? I prefer not to leave the country to apply the permit, where do I go and what do I need? Have an employer hoping to hire me already.


    It is not as easy as just finding an employer that wants to hire you. That employer needs a permit to hire foreigners. You will need to speak to them. This is just the first of many hoops that both you and your future employer will need to jump through….

    It is quite a difficult procedure these days which will take months and require lots of paper work from criminal background checks to degree/qualification verification, and depending on where you are from will either require you to leave and go to HK or return to your home country.


    As Ben said, it’s not so easy these days. If you are teaching English, you need to come from a native English-speaking country. If you are not teaching English, you need to possess a unique skill or ability which your employer will cite as the reason to hire you over a Chinese person. Good luck!


    where do I go and what do I need?

    If the employer is solid and provides you with a job offer.; take it and visit PSB in Tianfu Square. They will guide you and explain the process.

    I prefer not to leave the country to apply the permit

    Well, work visa based resident permit to family reunion based resident permit is possible. Not sure about if it’s doable vice versa (since you need a lot more paperwork to get the work permit). Check with PSB as soon as possible.


    Had a friend just do this, but from a spousal visa.
    He Hired an agency to get all the paperwork figured out and went to HK for a few days.
    Done deal.



    so i went to PSB, and they gave me a green brochure for applying work permit within china. This actually applied to me since im an chinese descendant and because I have a reunion residence permit I am actually eligible to get my work permit within china without leaving. So the thing now is I need to translate and understand the procedure more clearly, from what i’m able to understand right now; My employer is suppose to register on or something and then upload my informations and documentations, or something like that. If you have more in-depth knowledge of the procedures, please do share with me. i will probably get the brochure looked at by someone who would understand better.


    My employer is suppose to register on or something and then upload my informations and documentations, or something like that.

    The employer needs to first upload their own information. They then wait for approval on if they can hire foreigners or not. If they get approval then they upload your information. If they get approval to hire you then they take all relevant documents to the SAFEA office to be reviewed in person and make the physical application.

    To be honest, the visa/work permit situation is changing so quickly these days, the only people who really know are the PSB/SAFEA. So check everything with them directly.



    I  did mine for my company , i dont know if the procedure is the same for a Chinese owned company but this is how it goes for WFOE ( wholly foreign owned enterprise ) .

    Step 1 (register and apply at

    The company needs  to upload some documents:

    Application form including how many foreigners it will hire.

    Business license.

    a Template signed with company stamp to say the company wants to hire foreigners.

    The passport of the owner of the company.

    Proof of attorney (Paper with passport copy of legal Representative) the template is downloadable from their website or you can you the template that company uses at local government for registration of company.

    Copy of passport / ID card of legal representative of company.

    If the company is approved

    Step 2(company applies for Foreign work permit online)

    This mostly difficult documents to obtain if applying in china is:

    1. No criminal record

    2. Educational qualifications

    These have to authenticated in your home country and then be notarized by the Chinese embassy in your home country. Also you will need a original letter from your previous employer to proof you have had work experience. When you get these documents you have to translate them in to Chinese , this has to be done by a registered translate company with their company seal and have to give you their  company paper copy.

    You will need to go to Tonziling and get a health check at the travel hospital ( around 500 rmb and takes 3 days to get your results , used to be go in the morning and get it in the afternoon)

    Next they will need to upload the contract they signed with you and your passport copy and the current visa your holding if already in China and all the other documents including the translation and your health report.

    Note that personal companies cant hire foreigners only enterprise companies can.

    Step 3

    All documents in step 2 needs to be taken to the PSB (exit and entry department) in downtown to be checked this step take close to 10 days

    Step 4

    Apply for license to employ foreigners at counter 8 at PSB in downtown, the company will need to write another article to say it apply for this service they have a template up at the counter. They also request your yearly inspection registration ,for foreign companies this is done at mofcom.

    If everything is successful Step 2$3 will issue you a work permit card and Step 4 will issue the company with a yellow certificate to employ foreigners. Which you need to copy and apply for working resident permit , you might need some other documents also like your health certificate and house registration at your local police station. The company also needs to prove and have a valid reason for employing a foreigner.

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