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    Avatar photoEli

    Nice work Brendan! You win!

    Isn’t it a great feeling? Whenever I go to that market I feel like I am beating the system.

    Looks like you got an even better deal buying in bulk. I think we might need to organize a meat club.

    Avatar photoBrendan

    ‘Meat Club’… I’m in!

    Eli I think I lucked out at the first seller I went to, he was asking just 58 RMB per 500g. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be making that place a regular part of my food shop.

    Jerry this will last around 10-14 days.

    Avatar photoEli

    So Brendan is estimating, on the conservative side, that he plans to eat about a pound of meat per day… that is an ambitious consumption plan. Let us know how the cooking goes.

    Maybe next time we can buy in bulk and split it up. Charlie has expressed interest in partaking as well. Some of the shops there have quite a variety of cuts in the freezer, so Im interested in trying some different kinds.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    “Meat Club” – I’m down. I’m not just interested in steak, though. Those cuts look great, and I’d be 100% down with making some freezer room to stock up.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    After seeing Brendan and Eli’s photos I had to return to this place! I went to my usual spot, which is called ????. Really nice folks and I was in and out of there within a few minutes with Justin. We dropped about 200yuan and got enough steak to last for at least a week or two.

    Here are some photos I got:









    Avatar photoEli

    This thread is turning into beef porn… I love it.

    Avatar photoYan

    My!You really got good stuff!! I thought no beef steak in Chengdu!!

    Avatar photoVincent

    All this was only 200kuai? If not, how many pieces/gr did u get for that money?

    How would that taste in a crockpot? I’m looking to buy one asap

    Avatar photoZharahk

    I’m going to have to check that place… after I buy one of those little refrigerators for the extra space I’ll need.

    Avatar photoIan

    Is 四星食品 still open?

    Avatar photo7

    Since this thread was bumped I will update to say I have expanded my definition of “steak” & have a new favorite steak in Chengdu. The beef “Ambassador Tacos al Carbon” @ Peter’s are really good. The beef is like little chunks of steak that have been strongly marinated in lime so that it’s really tender and has a nice citrus flavor. At 79RMB it’s cheaper than most steaks in restaurants here and tastes much better IMO.

    Avatar photoChris Ziich


    where do I find it?

    Avatar photoRick in China


    I order my ground beef from — I also get the chicken breasts and pork tenderloin. All 3 of these are great from there 😀

    Avatar photoWoodWERD

    Thanks for that Rick!

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Oh, I should mention:

    Buy some ziplock bags or some other method of freezer-friendly packaging. When my meat arrives I immediately separate it out into individual baggies, and for the ground beef I find the pack they sell splits nicely into 4 reasonable sized mini packs.

    Avatar photocalgary7596

    Our tour has been in China for a week now so our guide thought that we might want something different from Chinese food for a change.  After seeing the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Park, she took us to Caffoka Steak in Dujiangyan.

    Steak was very tender, a bit spicy, the servers were friendly and attentive, and the place is in a nice trendy shopping mall

    Avatar photoFrankie

    Hey there i went to this meat market today and the color has changed to red, the shop name and so forth, what i wanted to know was, how much was it per Kg since anyone last bought steaks?

    He charged me 170 per kg. Is this way over??

    Only managed to buy four pieces at 357

    It was 2.1 Kgs. Got the receipt to prove it.


    Avatar photoRick in China


    If it’s import beef that’s about right. If it’s local beef that’s high. There are also some brands/country of import which are more expensive, and you need to check the variety (I assume this place also has a variety) before picking the one you want.

    Avatar photoFrankie

    Hey Rick tx for your reply.

    Avatar photoOlsen

    If it’s 170/kg then you’d be better off buying it fresh in Metro, and slice yourself, I always found the Chinese steaks too thinly cut… Carrefour has freshly ground, lean beef, at least the one near Jiuyanqiao (Shuangqiaozi). You can also buy it in Metro, the frozen ground beef is cheap, but quite high fat.

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