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    Avatar photoCress

    My friend Peter was holding Haven for no more than 1 mins, 2 really hot girls came over and talked to him. Haven is a chic magnet. So it came to my mind, I can rent Haven out! Here is the advertisement.

    Dunno how to get a girl? Rent a cute baby who can do cute tricks to help you! RMB200/hour only! Find your love of life or tonight. Cupid Haven got your back!

    I’m just joking………or am I?

    Avatar photoYe Ming

    Is that the little one on your avatar ?

    Avatar photoCress

    Yarp. That’s her.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I saw the title of this thread and thought that your daughter was for rent. It turns out, your daughter is for rent.

    Thread does not disappoint.

    Avatar photoRichard Wang

    Haven gave a flower to Shingshing last time, and Sushi this time. So I’m thinking if she was a boy, she’d be a lady-killer. hahaha

    Avatar photoJerryS

    200 an hour… You know, i can think of many things for that ‘hour.’ Or 3 minutes… No not that, i mean a unsalted cracker eat off! See if you can eat 10 in one minute for 3 minutes straight!!!

    Avatar photoVincent

    Do you sell packages? How much for 10hrs?

    Also, are toys and food included?

    Avatar photo7

    My daughter attracts plenty of attention, but she doesn’t like it so she doesn’t act cute. Looks like you’ve got no competition from me.

    Avatar photoskinny panda
    Haven gave a flower to Shingshing last time, and Sushi this time.

    She did. Totally a sweetie pie! I’ll take her for free! lol

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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