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    Hello! I’m searching on behalf of a family friend a qualified native speaker teacher (preferably from Canada) for a girl in grade 8. She is going to study grade 9 in Canada and needs intensive study in the English language as well as getting familiarized with learning all school subjects in English.

    The job will start in February and last roughly until July or August, at which point the student will leave for Canada. The pay offered is 500 RMB per hour. Hours are flexible as the student will not be attending regular school during these months.


    Avatar photoDaddy Bear


    I am Daddy Bear (Bertrand). I am in Chengdu since 2010 and currently working in my own home Montessori kindergarten that I opened for my children the morning and a training school the evening, The afternoon I am free to teach from 2-5pm if you can come to my location or if you are not too far. I have been teaching grade 2-3-4-5 in an expat only American international school for 2 years before I opened my kindergarten and really liked it. Sadly no primary school let me teach the American way because it is not respectful of the regulations and I really miss it and would be happy to help this young girl to get up to level next semester. I know you are asking for grade 9 but with the books i am sure I can teach her well. Also depending on the regions and countries, grade 9 is at different levels, is it the first year of high school or the last year of middle school you are talking about? If you are interested you can send me your wechat account number and we can talk more about it.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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