How do you make a call to USA?

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    Avatar photonickalc

    I want phone to phone, so forget about the Computer/Software to Phone like Skype.

    Do you guys use VoIP like Jumblo?

    It’s said to be free to call USA phone to phone, but a 5ct setup fee.

    I just checked their website, but the website failed the security check, that made me a little concerned about revealing my payment info.

    Avatar photoBrendan

    I’ve seen a ton of call card sellers around the University campus, that might be worth a look.

    Avatar photonickalc

    You meant the call cards issued by China telecom?

    I knew a couple of them, and all are more expensive than the ones from USA, callable from China.

    Avatar photoshinichi

    China mobile phone, opened to international long distance, plus 17951.

    China Railcom, with international long distance cards in denominations of $ 100 cards, about 30 yuan to get

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I use Jajah ( which works fantastically or Skype on my iPhone to call straight to a mobile or land landline. I’m pretty sure Skype is available on Android and will work on that also. Jajah works on any phone though and has reasonable rates – you register with your phone number and enter the number to call on their website (or your smart phone) and their service will call you phone. Answer and it connects you automatically.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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