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    Avatar photoJanez

    I want to work at a local software company teaching English 25 hours per week. The hourly rate as a contractor is better than being listed as an employee of the company. However, they cannot get me a Z visa/ FEC if I am a contractor. Currently, I am on a Z visa as a spouse, i.e. not able to earn money legally.

    I need an agency that will help me get the FEC/ Z visa. Basically, any way to get legal to earn money. there must be a ton of companies who do this, some more legit than others, some less expensive but do the job… Right?

    Also, to complicate it a bit, one friend told me I do not need an FEC in order to do part-time contract work. Anybody know if this is true? Why would the company say I need one, then? (I am asking them too.)



    Avatar photoBrendan

    Search the forum Jane, this has been discussed extensively in recent threads.

    Avatar photoJanez

    Thanks, I did, talked with Nick from Shan Shui, and am slowly getting clear.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Hi Jane,

    You say you’re on a Z-visa as a spouse and can’t work? I believe the spouse visa is another letter, not Z. The Z-visa is the fully employed visa.

    If you’re working with a company 25 hours per week, I’m surprised they want to pay you a higher wage and consider you a contractor. There are certainly full time jobs in Chengdu that provide a visa for less than 25 hours. Maybe they don’t want to deal with the hassle of providing a Z-visa, or for some reason are unable to supply one.

    If you’re already in touch with Nick, I think he’ll be able to suggest the best solution for you. He knows his way around the system well, and his name regularly comes up in forum discussions about visas.

    Avatar photoBrian

    I believe there is a type of visa for a foreign spouse of a Z-visa holder, maybe that’s what Janez has. I don’t think you supposed to work on that visa.

    You don’t need the FEC to work, mostly it allows a foreigner to exchange cash, and import a car for personal use, and maybe get some advocacy from the government.

    But the Z visa will be required unless they are willing to pay you cash.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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