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    hello everyone…hope someone can help…..I visited a beautiful lady in Chengdu two weeks ago…..have been talking on wechat for months…..have lost her contact…would like to ask her to marry me….any ideas….thought about putting adds on radio and in newspaper…….to ask her to marry me….and contact me…..can’t find e-mail contacts……her first name is..xiaoring …I think I spelled correctly….any help appreciated… heart is breaking

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Tough to say… depending on her age, I think it’s likely that she would not see an ad on the radio or newspaper. Best thing to do would be to come to Chengdu and find her, if you know where she lives or hangs out (you said you visited her two weeks ago so you should know where to find her).

    Avatar photoMiro630

    Dear noelhunter,

    Unfortunately you did misspelled her name as Mandarin does not have a word sounding ‘ring’ – xiao then not being part of the name.

    But that may not be the most important as you could hardly find a woman in Chengdu just by the surname or first name.

    But your message is a bit confusing. You visited beautiful lady in Chengdu two weeks ago but was talking to her on Wechat for months. Were you then talking to her already before you met her? How did you get her contact? Any common Wechat friends (can easily find out by comments on Wechat Moments)?

    And are you sure the lady also wants to marry you? Or was it a reason why she deleted you from her Wechat (not suggesting – just trying to understand the situation)?

    In anyway provided you really want to marry her and she also wants to marry you, you both lost each other contacts by mistake, have no phone nos., e-mails, no common friends etc. (vow – sounds so weird … 🙂 ) then I assume your only chance is to make it into the Wechat newspapers like the Canadian guy in Shenzhen carrying a poster for weeks in the streets of Shenzhen, also looking for his ‘love’.

    If you make it into such media (what would be a high chance in case you really do something similar …) so she will certainly read it and if she would consider it romantic (pls note there is still a chance she could consider it quite stupid …) so she would contact you.

    But overall if you want to marry her I assume you know her a bit and therefore you may know roughly where is she living, what does she like, to which places/cafes/restaurants is she going and searching for her there could be more efficient.

    Shall you not have any such knowledge about her so it’s recommendable to get it first before marrying a person … 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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