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    ICE 12<span class=”chinese”>月</span>22<span class=”chinese”>日活动</span>:<span class=”chinese”>感恩圣诞</span>

    ICE is about “Breaking the Ice between cultures” and about a true cross-cultural exchange.

    ICE is a FREE to join organization with NO membership dues! We are inclusive and welcome participants from all nationalities, ethnicities and religions, regardless of Chinese or foreign, regardless of businesspersons or students and regardless if the participant will be short-term or long-term in Chengdu or Sichuan.

    Our intention is events will be a short presentation from some nationality to speak on some aspect of their culture, answer questions and possibly even give a demonstration of some particular aspect of their culture such as music, dance, art, crafts, food, history, philosophy, architecture, etc.

    We do NOT intend for this to be a “One-way street” that is only all about Chinese culture. We hope to alternate the monthly events between different cultures from volunteers among ICE members or guest speakers or presenters we identify outside the ICE membership. We also welcome ICE members, or others, will suggest topics of interest or even recommend guest presenters.

    Please join us Sunday December 22, 2013 2-4pm for the FREE ICE Christmas Event!

    Christmas is the most recognized worldwide holiday. It’s celebrated not only by the over two billion Christians for its religious aspect, but even more so for its festive secular aspect. Santa Claus, Christmas trees, elves and festivities mark the season.

    However, what is largely forgotten in the Christmas season is the universal message and meaning of Christmas… Forgiveness, Hope and Peace in the world for ALL mankind. ALL these are ideals that everyone can embrace regardless of religion, nationality or ethnicity. So, what is Forgiveness?

    We are indeed fortunate to have Terrance Thomas join us to speak on Forgiveness. Terrance is the author of “We Must Fail to Succeed” and has become well-known in Chengdu through teaching, powerful motivational speaking and performing as a DJ in various local nightclubs. I’m confident Terrance will talk about all the aspects of Forgiveness and more in his jovial and most entertaining way!

    Oh…did I forget to mention? There will be lots of tasty food and we request all attendees contribute by bringing a food dish, snack, dessert or special beverage (Dutch treat or AA) preferably from your culture if possible. Alternatively, you can bring some small inexpensive gift to be given away in the question and answer session after Terrance’s presentation.

    Of course there will be time after Terrance’s presentation to mix, mingle, meet old friends and hopefully meet some new friends. Let’s all have fun and celebrate the Christmas season!

    The venue for the event will be our sponsors beautiful showroom and offices. The Sichuan Interior Decoration and Design (SIDDA) is conveniently located on the Fifth Floor (518-521), No. 396 Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu Art Exhibition Center, Metro Line 1, Century City Station, Exit A.

    The facility may either be accessed by Exit A, or by proceeding past Exit A underground directly into the Art Exhibition Center. If you want to take a taxi, the address is <span class=”chinese”>世纪城地铁站</span>. There is also ample convenient surface or underground car parking available.

    Events will usually be once a month (TBA) on the second, third, OR fourth Sunday from 2-4pm.

    If you’re not a member yet, please join for FREE and use the RSVP function for this event so we have some idea of the number of attendees to facilitate our planning. Our Link is:

    IF you need additional information, OR want to attend this event, but Do NOT want to join ICE, please RSVP with name and phone number by using the GoChengdoo RESPOND function to this announcement.

    Or you can directly join our Wechat. Search and add public account “IDDA” for more information and surprise!

    For more information, contact:

    David: 18782469199 (English)

    Nicole: 18123465883

    ICE 12<span class=”chinese”>月</span>22<span class=”chinese”>日活动</span>:<span class=”chinese”>感恩圣诞</span>

    <span class=”chinese”>免门票的圣诞活动</span>,12<span class=”chinese”>月</span>22<span class=”chinese”>日星期日</span>,<span class=”chinese”>快快来参加吧</span>!

    <span class=”chinese”>圣诞是全世界最备受推崇的节日</span>。<span class=”chinese”>欢庆圣诞的不仅仅是</span>20<span class=”chinese”>多亿基督徒</span>,<span class=”chinese”>还有更多的非信徒</span>。<span class=”chinese”>圣诞老人</span>,<span class=”chinese”>圣诞树</span>,<span class=”chinese”>小精灵</span>,<span class=”chinese”>都让我们沉浸在浓浓的节日氛围中</span>。

    <span class=”chinese”>然而</span>,<span class=”chinese”>我们似乎淡忘了圣诞想要传达给宇宙的信息</span>,<span class=”chinese”>那就是</span>”<span class=”chinese”>感恩</span>”、”<span class=”chinese”>希望</span>”<span class=”chinese”>和</span>”<span class=”chinese”>全人类的和平</span>”。<span class=”chinese”>这些是我们每个人追求的理想</span>,<span class=”chinese”>无论你是什么宗教</span>,<span class=”chinese”>什么国家</span>,<span class=”chinese”>什么种族</span>。<span class=”chinese”>那什么是</span>”<span class=”chinese”>感恩</span>”<span class=”chinese”>呢</span>?

    <span class=”chinese”>我们非常荣幸能够邀请到托马斯先生给我们分享什么是感恩</span>。<span class=”chinese”>托马斯先生是</span>《<span class=”chinese”>失败是成功之母</span>》<span class=”chinese”>的作者</span>,<span class=”chinese”>成都市知名外教</span>,<span class=”chinese”>潜能激发讲师</span>,<span class=”chinese”>也是本地炙手可热的</span>DJ。<span class=”chinese”>相信托马斯先生会用他独特的诙谐幽默的方式全面深刻地为我们剖析</span>”<span class=”chinese”>感恩</span>”。

    <span class=”chinese”>聚会现场会有很多的美食</span>。<span class=”chinese”>我们希望您也能够带上一些食物和大家分享</span>,<span class=”chinese”>无论是小零食</span>、<span class=”chinese”>甜点还是饮料</span>,<span class=”chinese”>最好是能够代表您国家独特文化的食物</span>。<span class=”chinese”>或者</span>,<span class=”chinese”>您可以带上一些实惠的小礼物</span>,<span class=”chinese”>最好是您亲手制作的</span>,<span class=”chinese”>在托马斯先生的演讲</span>Q&A<span class=”chinese”>环节中作为奖品赠出</span>。

    <span class=”chinese”>当然</span>,<span class=”chinese”>在托马斯先生演讲过后</span>,<span class=”chinese”>我们安排了闲聊时间</span>,<span class=”chinese”>您可以在这里会会老友</span>,<span class=”chinese”>结交新朋友</span>。<span class=”chinese”>让我们在圣诞节尽情欢庆</span>、<span class=”chinese”>尽情享乐吧</span>!

    <span class=”chinese”>活动地点</span>:<span class=”chinese”>本次活动发起机构四川省室内陈设设计协会</span>(IDDA)<span class=”chinese”>提供的美丽展厅</span>。

    <span class=”chinese”>活动时间</span>:2013<span class=”chinese”>年</span>12<span class=”chinese”>月</span>22<span class=”chinese”>日下午</span>14:00pm—16:00pm

    <span class=”chinese”>活动通常会在每月的第二</span>、<span class=”chinese”>第三或者第四个周日下午两点到四点举行</span>(<span class=”chinese”>具体时间请参考届时的公告</span>)。

    <span class=”chinese”>如果您还不是</span>ICE<span class=”chinese”>的会员</span>,<span class=”chinese”>请快快免费加入吧</span>。<span class=”chinese”>使用活动的回复功能</span>,<span class=”chinese”>我们能更准确地统计参与人数</span>。<span class=”chinese”>请点击链接</span>:…%5D

    <span class=”chinese”>如果您需要更多信息</span>,<span class=”chinese”>或者您想参加活动却没想好是否参加</span>ICE。<span class=”chinese”>请在</span>GoChengdu<span class=”chinese”>上回复您的姓名和电话</span>。

    <span class=”chinese”>或者</span>,<span class=”chinese”>直接加入我们的微信</span>,<span class=”chinese”>查找添加公众号</span>IDDA。<span class=”chinese”>您将获得更多惊喜</span>!

    <span class=”chinese”>联系电话</span>:
    David: 18782469199 (<span class=”chinese”>英语</span>)

    Nicole: 18123465883

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