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    A nice day guys,

    I’m trying to optimize my internet connection, but I don’t know too much about networking and I’m confused. Some questions…

    I’m checking for example the MTU: on my router value is 1480, the standard in China isn’t 1492 for ppoe protocol like everywhere?

    So the value for the ping is 1480 – 24 bytes = 1456?

    This value can to be better for local surfing but not for the international web?

    MTU must to be the same for router, Windows and maybe for the VPN?



    Don’t feel like starting a thread about my question so I might as well hijack this one.

    I just had fibernet installed by China Telecom and got this standard white modem/access point with wifi.

    Is adding a router in between the modem and my laptop doing anything for me, security wise? Like, if I’d want to surf completely private and anonymous, would it help me? Or should I be looking somewhere else?


    If you use the right router configured properly then it can provide increased security and speed, not to mention additional features like VPN tunnels or guest wifi access.

    If you are just throwing a cheap router in between your laptop and CT modem, LAN to WAN port on the router, then no. Infact, you’re probably just slowing things down and creating potential network issues by running all the traffic through NAT twice. You’ll need to get China Telecom to reconfigure the modem to bridge mode – this can be done remotely.

    Alternatively, you could just use the router as an access point by turning NAT and DHCP off then connecting it LAN to LAN. This might provide some benefits depending on the router.

    If none of that is of any interest or makes any sense then you should just remove the router and make sure the CT modem/router uses WPA2/AES encryption under wifi settings and set a secure password.

    Surfing completely private and anonymous is impossible unless you use TOR then disable javascript and cookies.

    Rick in ChinaRick in China
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    I do like all these cool raspberry pi projects.

    An alternative is to use custom firmware on a compatible router:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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