Is Sichuan food the oiliest in China?

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    Avatar photoRay

    Just throwing this one out: Is Sichuan food too oily? The reason I ask is that i just had 2 buddies from back home visit me, and they thought the food here was (in their words) “Disgusting! Like eating a large bucket of KFC!” I also remember some of my non-Sichuan students saying similar things(not the KFC thing, but overly-oily). Personally, i don’t really notice it anymore, but it makes me wonder…

    Disclaimer: my buddies and i were eating at typical, relatively cheap places, not expensive ones….

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    Avatar photoAmy Miao

    As a local person I would say:I don’t think so.

    Avatar photoshinichi

    In fact, there’s a lot of Sichuan food that’s not oily.

    Avatar photoBen

    Amy: Can you give some examples of places in China which have oilier food?

    shinichi: It would be great if you could suggest some Sichuan food, especially dishes, which aren’t oily. I’m always looking to try new food.

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