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    Avatar photoCameron

    My partner and I have really fallen in love with this place in the short time we’ve been here.

    I’m a law graduate (qualified in 2012 but mostly travelling since). Any idea if there are positions here for Australian-qualified law graduates without Chinese language skills? Not even necessarily as a lawyer but, in-law… where do I look?

    Imagine work that was dealing with Australian law would be most obvious… Chinese multinational corporations, Australian tourism visas, international adoption, etc. etc.

    Avatar photoMichael

    I’d recommend searching Chengdu jobs on LinkedIn, researching Australia or just English-speaking law firms with branches in Chengdu, or contacting AustCham/Aussie Consulate here and seeing if there’s any sort of introduction they could do (they wouldn’t give you contacts but perhaps they could forward your resume onwards).

    Are you in Australia at the moment?

    Avatar photoCameron

    Thanks for the tips!

    Yes in Chengdu right now. Here for a couple more weeks. What an awesome city!


    Avatar photoVincent

    A few years ago my roommate at the time was in the exact same situation as yours and ended up working for a big Sichuan law firm called Tahota. She ended up being kind of a white monkey private secretary for the boss and her work wasn’t really of any significance since she couldn’t speak any Chinese. Also they promised her a visa which she didn’t end up getting. She basically spent half a year translating random documents with Google Translate while making sure she was on every company picture.

    Working for a law firm in China where you can’t really accomplish/learn much due to the language barrier might still look good on your resume if it’s for a short term, but be wary of what you’re getting into. This might not be a good long term plan. Don’t expect any responsibility, nor to be of any real value for them other than being a white face, unless maybe they do actual work in English.

    If you want I could probably get some contacts for you in Tahota. I’m sure my friend still has all the details.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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