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    aight, here is my story.

    I just came back to Chengdu last October.

    For the past 7 years, I lived in Winnipeg for the first 5 years to get a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked in Toronto for about 2 years.

    After 6 months of not speaking a single English word, I felt like i started to forget about how to speak english. Listening is fine cuz i still watch english movies and tv series(Heroes, lost, fringe, pacific war …), but oral is gonna be a problem. This is not good, srsly

    I think i really need to find someone to speak in english

    I am not looking for someone to be my language partner, and not looking for someone to teach me anything. I just need someone to talk, or spare some time together

    So if you are thinking about having a local guy to be your friend, contact me plz. I’ve got helps from friendly canadians anyways, especially during the first couple of years, and i really appreciate that. Or if you dont want a friend, but someone to answer you questions that a local person should know, just drop me an email.

    BTW, I dont like to go to pubs. I’ve got a nice car (jetta mk5 2010 with a turbo engine), so i’d like to take short trips on the weekends. And you dont have to be a native english speaker, cuz I just need someone to speak in english, but native mandarin speaker is not preferred cuz speaking with a chinese in english is quite strange to me, sry about that

    my email is [email protected], this is also my MSN account name

    Thank you!!


    Welcome back to Chengdu, Kun. Not going to pubs or bars will cut you off from a lot of the foreigner community in Chengdu, but I would check out the Bookworm near Renmin Nanlu. Lots of foreigners hang out there and it’s a cool place.


    thx for the tips Matt. I will check it out sometime. Bars are fine to me as long as it’s not too loud and crowded.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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